Mobile Phone: Factors in Decision

A mobile phone for a traveller must have the following features:

  1. UMTS / 3G with standard SIM to enable flexible voice, txt, dat ause worldwide
  2. “1 day” battery life
  3. Excellent voice and text with easy contact management (sync with outlook) an dBluetooth headset
  4. Good web browsing, both of “PC sites” and also sending a header so that sites can optimize to the device’s screen (probably means a mainstream browser). Also a “touch” browsing capability.  That includes the ability to download music, pdfs, videos etc through the browser to the phone.
  5. WiFi connectivity for use at home / in office etc.
  6. Excellent email – interoperability with Exchange Server (Msoft) for corporate use and also IMAP for personal email.
  7. Good camera (at least 5Mpix with fair low light) with built in “flash” and fast response. (I use an EOS 1DMk3 or Canon G10 normally but the phone needs to be OK as a standby)
  8. Good music. Need to be able to keep a lot of MP3 tracks on the device to play on trips and to be able to listen to over bluetooth.
  9. Good file transfer – to and from PC, preferably wirelessly and automatically.
  10. MicroUSB charger (it is the new world standard – avoid bespoke charger)
  11. Not too big
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