Carry-On Case: Possible new candidate – Rimowa Salsa Air

After 2 happy years with the Rimowa Salsa, which has been almost unchallenged in its role as the perfect carry-on (My wife bought a Salsa Deluxe which has the small benefit of a strap for carrying extra items piggy-back – probably what I would go for if buying now).

I have now seen the Salsa Air – – which is 1kg lighter – down to 2.4kg.   It has the same overall dimensions – fittingthe smallest carry-on checkpoints. It also has a single strut pulling along handle – releasing a bit of extra space inside the case.

There is a great article here:

It has the 4 little castoring wheels instead of the 2 “skateboard” type integral wheels.  The question is – is it strong enough to sit on.  I will have a look in the next few weeks.

The other quirk is that it has two “zippable screens” across the two halves – making it harder to get items in or out – unless the zips are left open, but they also leave behind 4-5cm of “material” as a rim round the edge – which may have to be cut away.

The only other current contenders are the Zero Haliburton 21″ Carbon Fibre Carry-on($2,750) – which is too big to meet IATA carry-on regulations (at 33 x 53.3 x 22.9 cm) and the Tumi Vapor (similar price to Rimowa at around $500) which again is too big at 51 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm and actually has a full litre (thats two small bottles of water) less interior space than the Rimowa (which is 35l).

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1 Response to Carry-On Case: Possible new candidate – Rimowa Salsa Air

  1. RA says:

    I have one of Rimowa case and it’s a good one! Light weight, easy to steer and good looking!

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