Adding a TUMI Ducatti back-pack to my travel gear

With the option of taking 2 bags on most long haul airlines, a “second bag” to use on short trips or alongside my Rimowa makes sense. The rimowa is no use for “convenient access”. Normally I use a Scott eVest to carry small stuff / passports etc. but that is not much good in hot weather.


(1) Fits inside Rimowa in case I need to travel Easyjet or Ryanair on any leg.
(2) Large enough for laptop and all other travel kit plus some clothes when travelling with it as my only bag.
(3) Tough and protective
(4) Low risk of street robbery (pickpocket)
(5) Place for water bottle
(6) Easy access when near feet in-flight.
(7) Wearable as backpack when cycling / walking / running!

I selected the Tumi Ducati Super Mono Compact Brief Pack

Really well made bag – lots f useful pockets and very light.  Will report back on progress after 6-12 months!

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