Candidate for Addition: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition)

I have started to see if I can use a Galaxy Note tablet to replace paper in my travel gear.

(1) Reduce bulk / hassle / untidyness
(2) Ensure all docs captured are synced to cloud and therefore recoverable on loss
(3) Read in the dark on flights
(4) Need less space on planes
(5) More secure vs printed dead tree
(6) nice to share with others or can add an HDMI lead & project

2 trips so far – and its looking good.

8-10hr battery life is fine – top up with Anker power pack if needed.
Use as quick email device as well – can be used while standing / eating – better than laptop, slightly better than phone.

Will let you know progress – the 12inch Note Pro is also tempting if it brings big productivity gains.

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