Upgrade Headphones – From Bose QuietComfort15 to Parrot Zik

Upgraded my headset from my 3 years with Bose QC15  to the Parrot Zik
Prime reasons for the change (and you might want to read my 2010 post about the need to move away from the Bose):

(1) MicroUSB charging – no more need for batteries / chargers
(2) High quality Bluetooth incl. phone mode fully compatible with Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note and Toshiba Laptop – and car (no need for Bluetooth headset) – cable free
(3) Easy to use touch controls

Other nice features:
– Pause and then drop to standby if you lift from ears
– excellent noise reduction and sound quality
– better comfort than Bose (soft and around ears)
– long battery life
– full control / ANR / equalization / battery monitoring from phone or tablet
– strong and tough (no cable to tangle)

Slight drawback:
size (but tough enough to avoid case)
naughty to use Bluetooth headphones on some flights …

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