Inventory of gear – 2014 Beginning

rtwI had a 7 day trip (triple red-eye, 4 nights in hotels.  LON-HKG-MNL-TYO-SFO-LON) and therefore had to take quite a bit of stuff. MNL was 30C, Tokyo -3C …

While in Manila thought it would be a good chance to take stock of the current kit – and think though what strategic changes might be possible in 2014.

For example – except for the Laptop, everything is now Micro-Usb powered, including my battery pack. What might happen later this year. Do I need a laptop? What is my main charger?  What about cables, bathkit etc. etc.

Here is what I was carrying (excluding clothes):


A few new items – not yet reported on…

Tablet/Phone spider stand/clamp
Huawei 4G wifi hotspot
MicroUSB to HDMI and full USB adapters for tablet & phone (to use big screens/projectors)
HTC USB charger

Its all looking pretty optimal but I can’t help thinking a phone, a tablet and a laptop might be overkill.  Currently the Galaxy Note tablet would be the one to lose (it does not have UMTS/4G and I need to do powerpoint & excel power tasks).

What else?  Why cant the Anker charge the laptop?  Do I have too many bags?

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