New Rimowa Cabin Bag – Multiwheel Cabin 56cm Salsa

British Airways and many other airlines (but not Ryanair for example) have increased the max dimensions of their carry-on baggage from the IATA standard 50cm x 40cm x 2ocm up to a quite chunky 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (the same as the “USA” 22in x 18in x 10in)

For multi-city trips with no chance to do clothes washing, especially if going from winter to summer in the same trip, the normal Rimowa is the biggest hand luggage possible in the old size, but a bit tight – necessitating good use of the Scott eVest.

The new bag has a lot more capacity, 52litres vs 33litres in the IATA size so I decided to get one and see how it fares in real life. (i.e. will it sometimes be denied boarding?)

cabin-multiwheel-56cm-salsa 810.56.32.4

I got a great deal in the winter sales at–cabin-multiwheel-56cm-salsa–834-56_09–aa.html

Will report on its usage later

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2 Responses to New Rimowa Cabin Bag – Multiwheel Cabin 56cm Salsa

  1. Really interested in this case. Been looking for a 56 x 45 x 25 for a long time.
    Does it actually fit in the BA gauges?
    How’s it going so far – has it been denied boarding ever?

  2. rayand says:

    YEs, it definitely fits, and I’ve had 10 long hauls so far with no problems (although I am BA gold – which might influence things)

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