Amazing new headphones

I have just switched to the Sony WX-1000XM3 wireless band style noise cancelling headphones.  They are amazingly good – and meet all my current requirements.

I was very happy with my Bose QC30 collar style headphones and my Samsung Level U Pro which were similar but less rugged and slightly better sound quality. Collar headphones can be worn almost all the time, and noise cancel while sleeping on your side, but the noise cancelling in an office or noisy street or even on the plane was not quite ideal. In addition they both use micro-USB which is away from my ideal of moving to USB-C for everything.

However, a pop-up Sony shop at Haneda (Tokyo) airport gave me a demo – and I was blown away by the improved sound quality, excellent noise cancellation and then the realization that they had USB-C charging.

Having used them now for more than two months – and about 4 long trips including a LHR-SIN-SYD-AKL run – I really love them. Enough to sacrifice the extra space they take in my bag (if not on my head!). They also keep my ears warm in winter when walking and the battery life is easily 24hrs.

Use as a handsfree device for phone: Excellent. Integration with Google Assistant: Good. “Cup hand” gesture control – slightly unreliable….


Reasons to change?  Hard to think of a reason – but if the NC could be even better, if they were waterproof or if they could wirelessly charge … that might be nice!

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