About Flyer Kit

If you travel a lot on business, you probably like to minimize hassle by taking the minimum amount of equipment, and always knowing you will have the right things for your trip.  You probably keep a “bag packed”.

You don’t want to check in luggage, and you want to speed through security and not have to get up and down from your seat during a flight if you don’t want to.

Over the last 10 years I have been on the quest for the simplest yet most functional set of equipment, to make travelling / road-warrior life easy.  When you consider that it costs £3,000 / $5,000 extra for a transatlantic business class ticket compared with economy (which I normally take), you can see that a few hundred dollars on your “travel kit” could be a good investment.

I think I have the “near perfect” travelling gear for a “western male” travelling to almost any country, but I’m always on the look out for something significantly better, so please add comments with suggestions – however radical!

The “Flyer Kit” is intended to work for trips from one night to two weeks. For one night trips there are potential optimizations that I’ll discuss in the blog.


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