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Getting ready for a return to business…

After a gap of more than 3 years, its time for a return to activity in 2018. Lost of changes to document: * Addition of Rimowa IATA Topas Titanium to the fleet (with rationalization) * Change of laptop to Dell … Continue reading

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New Rimowa Cabin Bag – Multiwheel Cabin 56cm Salsa

British Airways and many other airlines (but not Ryanair for example) have increased the max dimensions of their carry-on baggage from the IATA standard 50cm x 40cm x 2ocm up to a quite chunky 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (the … Continue reading

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Inventory of gear – 2014 Beginning

I had a 7 day trip (triple red-eye, 4 nights in hotels.  LON-HKG-MNL-TYO-SFO-LON) and therefore had to take quite a bit of stuff. MNL was 30C, Tokyo -3C … While in Manila thought it would be a good chance to … Continue reading

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Upgrade Headphones – From Bose QuietComfort15 to Parrot Zik

Upgraded my headset from my 3 years with Bose QC15  to the Parrot Zik Prime reasons for the change (and you might want to read my 2010 post about the need to move away from the Bose): (1) MicroUSB charging – … Continue reading

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Anker Astro3 12000mAh External Battery

I have been using an external battery with 2 USB outputs for a year or so. Mainly for charging my phone when on an extended mission away from USB power, e.g. walking around or on planes without seat-power. I just … Continue reading

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Candidate for Addition: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition)

I have started to see if I can use a Galaxy Note tablet to replace paper in my travel gear. (1) Reduce bulk / hassle / untidyness (2) Ensure all docs captured are synced to cloud and therefore recoverable on … Continue reading

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Upgrade Phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Having played with the Note 3 at a trade show, I was quite impressed, but a few moments using the S-Pen feature suddenly blew me away with the extra functionality: – Handwrite notes on any screen or image and pass … Continue reading

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