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Inventory of gear – 2014 Beginning

I had a 7 day trip (triple red-eye, 4 nights in hotels.  LON-HKG-MNL-TYO-SFO-LON) and therefore had to take quite a bit of stuff. MNL was 30C, Tokyo -3C … While in Manila thought it would be a good chance to … Continue reading

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Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S4

Super happy with my Galaxy S3 – so when the S4 came along with slightly bigger screen, faster and a few more goodies I had to go for it. Certainly have not regretted that change.  Battery life still over an … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone: Factors in Decision

A mobile phone for a traveller must have the following features: UMTS / 3G with standard SIM to enable flexible voice, txt, dat ause worldwide “1 day” battery life Excellent voice and text with easy contact management (sync with outlook) … Continue reading


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Mobile Phone: Still waiting to Replace Nokia N97

I was an “early adopter” of the Nokia N97 about 18 months ago.  It has been one of the most disappointing – in fact iunfuriating – phones i ever owned.  For teh first 6 months it was bug ridden, crashing … Continue reading

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