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Mobile Phone: Upgraded to Samsung (Google) Nexus S

After a lot of procrastination, and a review of the decision criteria ( ) I went into Carphonewarehouse and walked out with a Nexus S – – as a free upgrade on Vodafone (My Vodafone bill is about £2,500/yr so … Continue reading


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Mobile Phone: Factors in Decision

A mobile phone for a traveller must have the following features: UMTS / 3G with standard SIM to enable flexible voice, txt, dat ause worldwide “1 day” battery life Excellent voice and text with easy contact management (sync with outlook) … Continue reading

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Carry-On Case: Selecting the Rimowa Salsa Cabin Trolley

The most important piece of Flyer Kit is the “carry-on” case. Requirements are: Must meet carry-on dimensions of most airlines – which means 55cm x 40cm x 20cm – see Must be light and have a lot of capacity. … Continue reading

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