Candidate for Addition: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition)

I have started to see if I can use a Galaxy Note tablet to replace paper in my travel gear.

(1) Reduce bulk / hassle / untidyness
(2) Ensure all docs captured are synced to cloud and therefore recoverable on loss
(3) Read in the dark on flights
(4) Need less space on planes
(5) More secure vs printed dead tree
(6) nice to share with others or can add an HDMI lead & project

2 trips so far – and its looking good.

8-10hr battery life is fine – top up with Anker power pack if needed.
Use as quick email device as well – can be used while standing / eating – better than laptop, slightly better than phone.

Will let you know progress – the 12inch Note Pro is also tempting if it brings big productivity gains.

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Upgrade Phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Having played with the Note 3 at a trade show, I was quite impressed, but a few moments using the S-Pen feature suddenly blew me away with the extra functionality:

– Handwrite notes on any screen or image and pass on to colleagues
– choose bits of web pages, maps, mail to collect in a scrapbook
– use the pen to enter text which is amazingly well converted to digital text (from writing)
– draw a rectangle and see an app appear in it as a floating window.

Finally, I just love the bigger screen, and the phone itself is still very pocketable,
yet you can use it “in flight” as a comfortable video viewing or kindle reading device.



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Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S4

Super happy with my Galaxy S3 – so when the S4 came along with slightly bigger screen, faster and a few more goodies I had to go for it.

Certainly have not regretted that change.  Battery life still over an extended day.


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Upgrade Phone to Samsung Galaxy S3

Google upgraded the Nexus S operating system to Ice Cream Sandwich.  Result was that battery life plunged from 24hrs to only 8hrs – disastrous. Immediately triggered a search for a new phone.

Fortunately the Galaxy S3 was launched around that time. Its the most amazing and almost incredible phone I ever owned.  A real delight!

Battery life is between 36 and 48 hrs depending on usage.

Screen is great for emails, web, videos etc. Large size – but not too large. Really clear and bright.

Its very fast and responsive.  Video and audio play really well.  It has all the latest HiFi bluetooth standards etc.

Its loaded with innovative features (see the GS3 ads).

It probably going to be the most popular smartphone of 2013 so it will be really well supported with 3rd party gadgets and applications.

The Galaxy 4 will be a smooth upgrade when it arrives in 2013.

The only problem so far is that the phone is so slim and slippery it falls out of my pocket when sitting down. A solution has been to buy a thin rubber case which solved that problem.

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Adding a TUMI Ducatti back-pack to my travel gear

With the option of taking 2 bags on most long haul airlines, a “second bag” to use on short trips or alongside my Rimowa makes sense. The rimowa is no use for “convenient access”. Normally I use a Scott eVest to carry small stuff / passports etc. but that is not much good in hot weather.


(1) Fits inside Rimowa in case I need to travel Easyjet or Ryanair on any leg.
(2) Large enough for laptop and all other travel kit plus some clothes when travelling with it as my only bag.
(3) Tough and protective
(4) Low risk of street robbery (pickpocket)
(5) Place for water bottle
(6) Easy access when near feet in-flight.
(7) Wearable as backpack when cycling / walking / running!

I selected the Tumi Ducati Super Mono Compact Brief Pack

Really well made bag – lots f useful pockets and very light.  Will report back on progress after 6-12 months!

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STOP PRESS: Staying with Rimowa Salsa

After getting two Salsa Air cases for my daughters, as Xmas presents, I’m going to stay with my four year old Salsa (reviewed below).

Reasons: (1) The Salsa air, while lighter, has two zippable membranes that secure items in each of the halves – unfortunately this means that bulky items (for example my camera) can not easily fit in the case.  (2) 4 wheels vs 2. 4 wheels are great for wheeling down aircraft aisles and queues.  Unfortunately they cause your back to roll away on a hill, and are not so good when dragging a case down the rough sidewalks in Manhattan.

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UPDATE: Evaluating headphones – Dr Dre Beats Tour

The Bose Quiet Comfort 15 just are too bulky to carry, and a real hassle to sleep in.  I have therefore had a few trips with the Beats Tour headphones.,default,pd.html

They are small, comfortable and I got a set of refurbished ones on ebay for $9.99!!!!

The sound quality is great. I’ll report back when I have used them in anger!
If you don’t hear from me – I reverted to the Bose!

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